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02 November 2008

Yep, That Was Fun

I'm browsing through some pictures from this summer, and I realized that I never posted very many pictures of our trips! I did get a few from our trip west, but I don't think that I ever posted any at all from the trip east we took! So here are a few from our visit to Keeley's place this summer. The kids look great, Keeley looks great, all I can say is that it apparently wasn't my best picture taking day ever. But such is life, right? The memories are fabulous! We went to church, then had lunch & played Killer Bunnies, which is quite possibly the coolest game ever. I bought a bunny for some cookies, which are still to be made at some point. But not forgotten!


Keeley said...

Haha, what awesome pictures. =)

Ritsumei said...

It was a good day. I'm going to have to come steal the pictures you took. Together we took a pretty good bunch for a scrapbook page!


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