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The Bible and Book of Mormon

Each one of us needs a firsthand relationship with the Savior — a primary relationship, not a secondary one. The testimonies that others have of Jesus are powerful and strengthening, but if we rely on them instead of developing our own relationship, we will be spiritually weak. The manuals and the Ensign and other commentaries and sermons and essays are meaningful and perceptive; but if we read only them and don’t study the scriptures for ourselves, we will have only a secondhand relationship with the scriptures. The prayers of others can be uplifting and spiritual, but if we don’t pray our own prayers, we will be distant from the Savior.
-Cheiko Okasaki (Aloha!, pg 83)

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My Testimony of the Bible

Come Follow Me 2019
The Purpose is Conversion
Study Ideas
January Weeks 1 & 2: Trust and Temples
January Week 3: The Nativity
March Week 3: Repentance and Conversion 
March Week 3: More on Conversion

The Book of Psalms
Bible Study: Beginning the Psalms
The Book of Psalms: The Importance of Music
Psalm 1: Delight in the Law of the Lord
Psalm 2: Fighting the Lord is Futile
Psalm 2: Evil Can Only Go So Far 
Psalm 2: The Great High Priest
Psalm 2: God is in Control
Psalm 3: Christ's Grace Brings Confidence
Psalm 4: Hear My Prayer
Psalm 5: Prayer and Joy
Psalm 5: Meditation
Psalm 6: Mercy
Psalm 7: Justice Begets Trust
Psalm 8: The Worth of a Soul
Psalm 8: Under His Feet
Psalm 8: Reverence in the Mouths of Babes 
Psalm 9: Passover Parallels
Psalm 10: Repellent Vices
Psalm 11: Flee Unto My Mountain
Psalm 12: The Double Heart
Psalm 13: Mercy, Justice, and Forgiveness
Psalm 14: Fools
Psalm 14: None That Doeth Good
Psalm 14: Paul on Grace and Works
Psalm 14: Peace in Trial
Psalm 15: God's Holy House
Psalm 16: Joy and Hope in Christ
Psalm 17: Boldness Before God

The Plan of Salvation 
The Plan of Salvation
Premortal Life
Made in His Image
Veil of Forgetfulness
The Fall of Adam
Earth Life
The Spirit World
Kingdoms of Glory

Other Scripture Topics 
Childbearing in the Old Testament 
Death and Rebirth: Easter Thoughts
Example of the Believers (Part 1)
Example of the Believers (Part 2)
For I am Meek
In Process of Time
If Thy Brother Offend Thee 
Nephi and Laban
Peace -But There Is No Peace
Poor in Spirit
Quench Not the Spirit 
Should Christians Fight? 
Suffer It To Be So
The Great Commandment
The Sabbath and Idolatry
What Did You Give Up?

Study Techniques
Citation Index Cross-Reference
Color and Sort
Foreign Language Comparison
My Bibles (editions I use for study)
Reading Scripture Closely
64 Scriptures for LDS Children to Memorize 
Scripture Chains
Switching Languages in the Gospel Library (tutorial)
Using a Concordance
Write It Out

Favorite Web Resources
Bible Gateway
Bible Hub
LDS Scripture Citation Index 
LDS Scripture in Chronological Order

#PrinceofPeace - Easter 2017

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