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03 May 2010


We took Monkey to Applebee's a while back. They had some beautiful light coming in the window that afternoon, so I pulled out my camera. Fortunately, Monkey's pretty used to me.

We got him one of those "shooters" they have. A little ice cream; a whole lot of whipped cream. He was a happy guy. Plus, it came with a spoon. Doesn't that face just say, "What is this thing, and what am I to do with it?"

He got it figured out. I guess it's not really that different from the ones at home.

(I'm trying out the "visions of sugarplums" action from It's Times Like These on these pictures. I like it.)


Johnna Riddell said...

your son is so handsome :) What a cutie.
I love some of the restaurant window lighting... I'm always pulling the ole camera out to take advantage of it too :)
I love these little photos, looks like he is having a great time :) And I am so glad you could use the action!

smithtrek said...

He's so photogenic! I love his t-shirt too, where did you get it?

misskate said...

What's this for --- OMNOMNOMNOM!

Ritsumei said...

I must agree - he *is* very photogenic! I'm having a good time exploring the action, thank you.

I'm not sure where the shirt came from. I think Mom may have found it? It sat in his drawer for a long time waiting for him grow into it before he wore it very much, and I can't remember for sure. It's gotten stained, but I still love it!


Jeannetta said...

Nicely done! He is such a darling boy, I can't wait to see his brother :D


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