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08 June 2010

Ready, Set...

It's time to re-think our schedule for school, and freshen it up just a bit. Mostly, no huge changes, but I think that we are going to add some "writing" to the mix. Monkey's been enjoying coloring more, and has a few letters that he's learned to write already, so the plan is to encourage this stuff. I ordered a few Kumon books for this. The plan is to do the tracing book first, then if all is going well, we'll do the uppercase letters next. Uppercase before the lowercase because I think they'll be easier to manage for a little guy.

Monkey loves cutting and punching with my scrapbook scissors and punches, and has for a long time. This has always been a relatively free-form mess of a project: TONS of little scraps go everywhere! Recently, he's been interested in gluing too, but the point of it all -to stick one paper to another- sort of eludes him still. I'm hoping that finishing the pictures in the 3rd Kumon book I ordered will help with that.

I also ordered a new copy of Anno's Counting Book, because I went and lost the old one. It's been gone for months. I don't think it's coming back. Of course, now that I've ordered a new one, Murphy's Law may have something to say about it. In any case, it'll be nice to have the book again.

With Anno's Counting Book back in our collection of books, and some new writing skills, I'm really hoping that we can make better progress in the Math Expressions book that I bought a while back. I still like it, but it's got an awful lot of writing built into the program, since it's really intended for kids a bit older than Monkey.

Our new books should be here on Monday, and I reworked our schedule this morning. By next week we should be all set.


misskate said...

awesome! sounds like you guys are on a roll :)

mommyx12 said...

You're on your way to a great life of homeschooling. I can tell. You are already doing a great job.

Ritsumei said...

I'm excited! It'll be fun to try these Kumon books - they're really our first "seat work" that we've tried. Everything up to this point has been very relaxed & game oriented. Mostly, that's how we'll continue. But I'm thinking that he's acting ready for just a little bit of writing a few times a week.


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