09 10

10 August 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

These are actually from before Raven was born, but it's pretty typical of what Monkey does when we color with the sidewalk chalk. He has a good time and gets incredibly messy. We're thinking about doing some more today, if I can stand to be outside in the heat and humidity. However, looking at the forecast, we might as well go outside. It's not going to be getting any better this week. 80s and 80-90% humidity. Ugh.


Keeley said...

I can't believe how big Monkey is getting! I hope you have fun with the sidewalk chalk. =)

mommyx12 said...

Cute pictures. And yes the heat is stifling. How's that baby doing and how does Monkey like being the big brother now? Can't wait to see the new little one.

misskate said...

Looks like a blast! Sidewalk chalk rocks :)


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