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19 July 2011

Red-Wing Blackbirds

We're trying to grab the tattered shreds of Normal and put them back into a routine. The kitchen is making good progress in getting back together. We just need to have the laminate installed and finish painting the rebuilt areas. Upstairs, the rebuilding is also nearly finished: we need new pad and to have the carpet stretched back out. Of course, to do that, we have to get all the junk that was dumped up there in the course of all this out of the shuffling that's gone on around here for the past month. But it looks like they'll be doing the carpet tomorrow, which means that we'd move our beds OUT of the living room and BACK into the bedrooms upstairs. Hallelujah!!

While we're trying to get all that figured out, I though a little school would be fun. The boys had a good time watching the bird videos. We're doing red-wing blackbirds, but Monkey watched some others too, and I liked the one about the indigo buntings so well that I've posted it too.


Wendy Williams said...

Interesting how the black bird has to flip his wings out a little to sing, but the indigo doesn't. It makes the black bird look pretty cool with his red "shoulder pads".

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, we noticed that too. I thought it was cool how individual they are, even though they're both songbirds.


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