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05 September 2011

Yummy Ideas

This looks tasty. I'm thinking about it. I think making cheese would be fun. Besides, the clip is funny. More toward the end, but it's in there.

Then there's this recipe for a cold cereal replacement. I'd love to replace our cold cereals with something more healthy. Only the hot cereals I've tried, my family won't eat. And muffins don't go over very well, not for breakfast. But cold cereal... it's not healthy. Tastes good, and it's what we usually eat, but it's not good for you. Nikki has a recipe for a replacement that I'm thinking about trying. And it's peanut butter. What's not to like? Nikki actually mentions a cookbook I have: Nurturing Traditions. The guy that wrote it is out there. Way out there. Comes across like a nutjob. But I've done some independent research, and the stuff he says about wheat and whole grains makes sense. It appears that his science is good. Plus, the recipes in the book, the ones I've tried anyway, are pretty tasty. Except he says you ought to eat organ meats. Liver and stuff. That doesn't sound very tasty. But his bread recipes? They work. The technique for this cereal is similar to the book. Who knows? Maybe it'd be something my family would eat.

And there's this one. Making Mozzarella. Man, that's interesting. I need to find a book about making cheese.

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Jeannetta said...

Making mozarella is fun, and fast too. I've got a real cheese press on my wish list, maybe once we have a job again.


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