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07 October 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Sargon the Great

We started out looking back at Sumer/Mesopotamia in history this week, with chapter 5 of Story of the World. This was Monkey's narration:

Mesopotamia is the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates river. It’s called Sumer. They all had their own king and their own set of armies. Then the Great One, Sargon, came and he fought over fifty cities. He won. He made them follow him instead of their own king. He sent his army to live in those cities. He made a military dictatorship, which is something that you do to make everybody have to go with listening to the army.

We also finished up some of the Egyptian stuff that's been pushed off to the side. Like this documentary I found nearly a month ago. We finally watched it.

Monkey's doing great with reading /sh/, which makes me happy. Next week, I believe, is /ch/. It seems like he's really getting the hang of this now. Once, doing a lesson a week seemed like it was pushing my luck. Now, I've been feeling like we could do them a little faster. We may try it, but I don't want to go so fast that he doesn't get adequate practice as we go along. We're so close to the long vowels... I can almost taste it. I'm sooo looking forward to the time when he's got enough vowels sounds and combinations that he's suddenly able to read the picture books that are all over our house! I'm beginning to think that it will probably be relatively sudden too: so many books are based on sight words, and once we learn the phonics rules that cover them he'll suddenly have a world of books available to try out.

We tried again to make a lapbook, this time a frog lapbook, which we did instead of doing a narration. We used elements of several different lapbooks I found. Oddly, the 3 books about frogs we have don't talk at all about what eats them, so we had a hard time finding that information to include in our finished product. We used a coloring sheet from our Dover Reptiles and Amphibians coloring book for the cover. We also watched a few clips of frogs singing; I was amazed at the variety of songs!

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