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09 March 2012

Sahara Desert

We're moving, ever so slowly, through Ancient history. I thought it would take less time, but it's so interesting! And, February was not a good month for school; we barely did basic math and reading, due to all the illnesses: 6 cases of the flu, 1 round of pneumonia, and another bronchitis thing. Looks like the weather has shifted, and spring is upon us, and we're finally healthy again. So. History.

Today, in reading about Africa, we read about the Sahara Desert. Only, after we read the little blurb in Story of the World, it seemed clear to me that Monkey really had no idea. I want him to have some kind of understanding of at least what the land there looks like, and some frame of reference to put the Anansi stories that we're going to read into. So, we're looking at this National Geographic documentary.

After we watched this, Monkey gave me this narration:

Adam and his family had to go into the Sahara Desert. There was only one well his father knew it. There was a lot of shouting. Everyone was tired. The desert looked quite yellowish greenish. His family had to move right into the middle of it. It was dry dry dry dry dry. The camels have humps that supply a 5-day supply of water. Then they have to drink five days of drink; it takes them one day. They can suck up many many ounces of gallons. Everyone was shouting because the well was up in front of them. All of them could see it, the whole caravan. The desert was not really a safe place. There were bugs. Very dangerous – they had claws, feet, and head. And the little sleeping boy was unharmed!

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