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28 September 2012

My Library is Out of Control

My home library is crazy. Some of it's on shelves, some of it's in boxes. We have books upstairs and downstairs. There are schoolbooks that get into the picture books and picture books in the school books, and in general, there is very little rhyme or reason for how any of it goes onto the shelves. There used to be, but we've outgrown the old "system." Not that it was much of a system. This needs to change. To show how much it needs to change, I'll let you peek at my shelves, as they are, without doing a thing to them.

Top: living room; Middle: kitchen; Bottom: music room-turning-school room.

Shelves in our computer room.

Top: my room; Bottom: boys' room; Both upstairs.

There are actually more books downstairs in the basement, in boxes. But for now, I just want to organize the stuff that's out. One nice thing about taking pictures is that I'm realizing that on my 9(!) bookshelves there is actually a fair amount of space. I've been feeling like there wasn't. There is also a lot of non-book items on my shelves. And if I'd master my clutter it would look better.

I've been reading about how to go about doing this. And the Daddy's got some ideas that have merit. And I've been reading some blog posts. This one has some great ideas. In particular, one I liked was to take all the very easy readers and put them in a bin of some sort so that they are easy for my emerging reader to find when he feels like reading something. I liked that idea enough to go get me a bin this evening. So, the organizing has begun. Wish me luck! (And leave me your tips in the comments; organizing is NOT my forte.)


Cellista said...

Here's an idea that I still use to keep my history and science books sorted by year (per WTM.) It could work for different categories of books as well. I also keep beginning readers for my 7yo in magazine holders. The general "fiction" category gets out of hand though in the boys' room.


I totally understand books taking over the house! I culled a lot of books last summer, but I still have tons. We're looking at moving and the thought of hauling them all with me doesn't appeal (the physical moving part), but I have such a nice library that I can't imagine letting go of, so somebody will get the joy of hauling boxes and boxes of books.

You do have a fair amount of space on your shelves to work with though. Good luck!

misskate said...

Whee! That is an impressive number of bookshelves. Good luck!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Good luck with the book organization.


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