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07 March 2013

Hero's Rover

This is Hero's Rover, which he built today while we were trying (only semi-successfully) to read from our Solar System book. After a while I stopped bugging him about the book, because he's telling me about this Rover, and it's cool. Here's what he says about it, in his words:

"My Rover is an 'Angry Cat' technology type of rover. The red piece, as you see in the picture, is a little light that has a transmitter that goes to the receiver, and then the Rover also has a little slot that holds nine baggies, and those nine baggies hold little samples, inside of the Rover. The arm is really small, it's between one and two inches long, and it's invisible. The white arm that holds the satellite head, that is the arm that can spin any direction and stop at any time and shoot. From both sides at the same time. It drives around on cities and on other planets. It sends back the information on my little receiver that you see in the next picture. It measures how wide and how tall and how fat it is, with its little red piece that I've already told you about. So, and, and the orange piece is the antenna. It sends the signal all the way to my device, all the way to the planet, whatever planet I am on. And that's the end of the Rover information."

He also built a receiver. He wants to talk about that too.

"The receiver is the thing that the Angry Cat Leader, me, Hero, the Hero Angry Cat is the Leader. So I'm the one who holds the receiver, and I have 10 rovers. Five of them right now are taking images of Ultron's technology [Ultron is an Avenger's villain], and the other 5 are taking pictures of a planet called 'Deplety.' Deplety is a rock planet. And my rovers are on different locations. Two of them, right now, are on the western part, and the other two of them are on the eastern part, and the last one is on the way southward piece. And the 'Angry Cats' are good guys. They are defenders; they save peoples' lives. They can walk through a fiery building and save people. No matter how scary people think an Angry Cat is, they will help. They can breathe water, they can breathe fire, they can breathe ice, and lava. They can also breathe rock. And they only do that to bad guys. Like for instance, a battle between the Angry Cats and Ultron is going on. I need to get back out there an start leading my army of Angry Cats again."

I thought about stopping him and making him "do school," but then I came to my senses. There's a huge amount of synthesizing going on here from the astronomy that we've studied this week. And when the things that he learns show up in his play then is when I notice that they really get internalized, and they stay with him. Can't argue with that!

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