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06 September 2013

Breakfast Drama

I finally decided to act on the fact that cold cereal (especially the Crunch Berries knock-off I prefer) is bad for me. But this has caused some drama.

I have no idea what to make for breakfast 7 days a week kind of drama. 


I hate drama. I guess we'll call this growing pains. Anyway, my friends on Facebook helped me out with some ideas, and that's something. Also I found a recipe for these odd little oatmeal bits. Turns out they're nothing to write home about on their own (I'm avoiding sugar for at least a little while, so no chocolate chips this time), but they're pretty satisfying with fresh yogurt. 

You know what's really weird? Plain yogurt tastes pretty good today. That's just odd.

Anyway, here are the ideas I collected for non-cereal breakfasts:

Sushi rice
Steel-cut oatmeal (apparently it freezes well into single-serves)
Whole-wheat blueberry scones
Dry quick oats with ground flax seed, sliced banana & cinnamon, topped with milk
Overnight oatmeal
Brown or white rice with milk, honey, & peanut butter on them, plus fruit
Plain yogurt with fruit and oatmeal
Baked oatmeal
Wheat toast with avocado spread on it. Or fruit. Or with peanut butter on it.

That ought to keep me busy for a while. There's some tasty ideas on there.

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Cellista said...

We love steel-cut oats here and it fills up the kids until lunchtime, unlike cold cereal. We have it way too often though. I need some variety from hot cereal! We like rice and milk with cinnamon and sugar on it too. I always feel I should cook more, but mornings are just not my favorite time of day and if I can get anything on the table for breakfast, I feel like I'm doing good. What I'd really like is breakfast in the crockpot that could cook overnight. Haven't found any good recipes yet though.

Ritsumei said...

I think I might have some breakfast foods for the crockpot pinned over at pinterest, but I haven't gone through my crockpot pins recently. So far today, I've had some watermelon for breakfast. Tasty, but not exactly something that will stick with me for very long!


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