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31 July 2014

Artist Study

Look at a picture for a couple minutes, then tell all you can about it. That's artist study, in a nutshell. It sounds so easy; such a simple way to do art appreciation. Yet, I am so bad at getting it done. We're trying agin. This time, my strategy is to put a reminder in my phone -with an alarm- to remind me that we should be looking at some art. In addition, we're looking at watercolor artists, since we like to play with watercolors. I think we're going to start with Winslow Homer. He liked to paint the sea. A couple of these are even in Chicago, which is where my sister and her family live, and we're overdue for a visit to see them.

So. Winslow Homer. Here are a few of his paintings that we will be looking at:

Herring Net

Croquet Scene

Northern Point Light

Fog Warning

Sunlight on the Coast

After the Hurricane

Gril with Pitchfork

We'll get started with that. See if we can make this thing happen. If we're really ambitious, maybe we'll make Mondays an art day, and see about watching a watercolor painting movie on YouTube and messing around. Maybe even put a favorite in a Book of Centuries. Could get crazy!

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