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13 March 2015

Housing Birds

At Cub Scouts the other day, Hero built a cute little birdhouse. He and his daddy finished it off at home, and he's been painting it. But I knew just enough about birdhouses to suspect that the door was too big. (That's a common failing of kit houses.) So we did some reading on several of Cornell's bird projects, decided to try to attract Bluebirds (they like the 1.5" door we had), and called the local bird shop to see what it would cost to feed them, too.

Oh. Oops. Bluebirds like meadows, not suburban yards. Well. We've got this house...

Bring it in, they said. So we did. And it'll work for either wrens or chickadees, with an adapter for the door. Cute little one like this is too small for the bluebirds, anyway. And they advised us to loose the peg: predators like to sit on those while they destroy the eggs. 

So. We pulled out the peg, and we got the fancy new door on there (and called the other moms in our den), and fixed up that feeder; the wrens Hero hopes to attract will be here soon. We also decided that it's just about time to check our favorite nest cams, to see when our birds start doing stuff. 

The eagles are already sitting on eggs. The ospreys should be back in their nest soon, hopefully. Spring is a wonderful time.

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