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14 May 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: the one in the garden

Our week has included a delightful lot of gardening. Our new Apple tree is blossoming. This is the first year it's done that, and I'm extremely excited about it. I don't know if this will lead to actual apples, since the tree we put in to be a pollenator is a year younger, and didn't flower. But it's an exciting step, nonetheless! 

Some of my early stuff is up in the garden, and we've been enjoying chives from the garden regularly for a week or two, now. 

Most of the rest doesn't make very exciting pictures, yet, but the Lemon Balm is up, and I planted purple cone flowers, and forget me nots, and all kinds of fun things. Hero has a Goblin Dwarf Gallardia that he loves because it's a Goblin Dwarf, and we were reading the Hobbit when we found it. The peppers are in, and I need to get rid of some more strawberries so I have room for my tomatoes in a few weeks when we're past danger of frost. 

Over the weekend, Hero and a couple of his friends participated in a "Mini Mudder" and got super dirty, worked extremely hard, and learned they were tougher and more capable than they realized. 

We had some good nature study, too. Found a Jack-in-the-Pulpit and saw an Oriole. The plant was a lot easier to photograph than the bird!

So, as is usual for us at this time of year, we spent a ton of time outside. But we did do some bookwork, too, and Hero found time to re-read some of his Percy Jackson books as well. Violin lessons were great, too. The boys picked out songs for the recital at the end of the month. 


misskate said...

Oooooh! Apples would be awesome! Crossing my fingers for you :)

Ritsumei said...

I realized that my neighbors also have an apple tree - which is also flowering. So, even though my "pollinator" tree is a baby still, and didn't bloom, we just might get apples. That would be amazing: that tree is Honey Crisp, and we have about 30 flowers on it! I don't know how long it takes flowers to start to turn into apples, but I figure we should know if it's going to try to grow real, life apples here in the next few weeks.


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