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06 August 2015

Marking Scriptures with Kids

My little kids have always liked to draw in their scriptures. I mark mine, they seem me doing it, and do their best to do the same. But it does leave their books looking rather... chaotic. I felt like it was time to start teaching more intentional marking to both boys, so we're trying out some ideas I found on Pinterest, kind of adapted for school this afternoon.

There were some cool creation projects dealing with the entire earth, and I got to thinking, it could be fun to draw an earth onto the page, and let him color it. There's several of the Creative Periods all on one page, so we also decided to add a tree. In the next few days, I'm thinking we can draw the sun, a fish, and so on to help him remember what is happening.

I did just a little more with Hero. First, I asked him to do a crossword puzzle about creation. The idea was to get him to practice looking things up in the Bible, and finding things. Turns out, crosswords are tricky. It took longer than I had anticipated. We also had a conversation about the fact that there are different versions in addition to the KJV that we use, which explains why the text of the verses on the sheet were slightly different from his book in a few places. 

Then, we talked about marking scriptures a little. He's sort of halfway between little kid "marking" and learning to be more intentional about it as he starts to grow up. I suggested that he mark the days, so he looked at how I'd done mine, and then decided how he wants to do his own. 

That took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I feel like it was time well spent. 

Tigress, of course, needed to study, too, since that's what everyone else was doing. 

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