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02 June 2016

Lego Transformers

We have a lot of Lego projects at our house. When we started getting the kids Legos, The Daddy and I had no idea how educational they are. We knew there were fun. And we knew they were cool. But we didn't realize how much spatial visualization and problem solving and that sort of thing goes into changing a pile of pieces into a creation.

My kids are way better at this than me. Which is pretty awesome.

So they've been watching Transformers cartoons (yes, from the 1980's, of Saturday Morning Cartoon fame), and now they're building Transformers. With Legos. That actually transform. It's pretty awesome. Check it out!

 Dragon made a Dinobot:

Hero made Metroplex - which is apparently a whole city.

And he also made Swoop, which is another Dinobot. This one is probably the most elaborate; it took the better part of three days to get it just right.

And, with all the excitement about Transformers and Legos and movie-making, Peanut had to make one too. It's pretty cute.


misskate said...

Most impressive!

Rozy Lass said...

Legos are THE number one best investment we ever made for our boys. They built things with them until they moved from home and they still love to build when they come home. Our oldest son worked loading semi-trailers for FedEx before his mission. His boss was totally impressed that Paul could load a truck with no empty spaces. We attributed his skill to the many hours of building things with Legos! We would buy them a set, they would make the thing, whatever it was, then take it all apart and sort the pieces into containers (fishing equipment boxes) and then proceed to build their own creations. We have pictures of many of them; some have been huge city complexes that take up a whole 6 foot table.

Yes, Legos are expensive, but they are such a great investment for learning and developing creativity.

Ritsumei said...

They are expensive, but at the same time, if you get them one kit at a time, they're not soooo bad. And it's pretty surprising how quickly they add up. Tackle boxes are a good idea; I may have to get Hero one of those for his birthday. He's got two bins already, but I think that if he could sort out his pieces a little better he could build even more cool stuff. He's got pretty much the same process that you describe: build the thing, play a while, then rip it apart and build something else. I oughta start an album of Lego creations. That would be a fun book.

Anne Chovies said...

Boom, it's done! There you have it! So cool! I didn't know you could build transformers with them. I guess me and my block houses are a bit behind the times! Very nice!

Dorine said...

Those are totally awesome!!! I loved all of them!! The creativeness is amazing!! I am so very impressed!!!

That is so cool that all of you are creating together!! Well done!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)


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