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12 October 2016

October Watercolor Challenge

The logo this month is Hastings at Sunset, which was painted by Albert Goodwin(1845-1932), a British painter. You can read more about it here

This month's chapter from our book is The Blacks and the Grays, which apparently are better to mix than to buy. He's got "recipes" for making several kinds of black and a whole mess of grays, which he demonstrates on some very cute elephants. So, we should practice our mixing and make some grays and blacks. Then, try a painting using some of the colors you practiced. Here's a couple ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

The thing that struck me, as I was looking for speed drawings to include this month, is the way that these artists have a pretty clear idea of what they're going to do with their painting before they start: they know the end from the beginning, at least in this small thing. I thought that was an interesting thought, that painting could be used to no only express some of the heritage we have from being the children of an infinitely creative Heavenly Father, but also a way to further develop one of His traits, as we learn to plan and carry out our own creative projects.

I hope you enjoy painting with this month's materials; don't forget to stop by and share your work with us!


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