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10 October 2019

Mobeus Math

The other day, this video came through my Facebook feed:

It was really interesting, but it was late, and I wanted to do it with the kids. So I waited until they were awake. And we got out the tape and scissors and colored scrapbook papers (which helped with seeing the different things that happened as we were cutting, and made it easier to understand than it is with his that are all one color. And we made all his shapes --plus, Dragon found one more, where it makes 4 tiny curved almost-squares. They are also a pretty interesting shape.

We got all these shapes from flat papers taped, and then cut apart. (Except the double mobeus at the top: that's one of the ones we've been cutting.)

Building it all with 3 kids plus me took a few minutes. But I think that it was well worth the time, for the work on patterns and predictions and everything else. Some very good mathematical thinking going on!

Then, we watched the explanation, to make sure that we'd understood all the different things, and the reasons WHY the paper did what it did. Math took well over an hour today, but it was lots of fun. Well worth it.

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Rozy Lass said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing. I almost flunked out of Beginning Algebra because of a student teacher who couldn't explain things so I could understand them. I never went any further in higher Math. I took bookkeeping and accounting courses and understood all of that, but I think I missed out on some pretty interesting stuff.


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