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17 November 2009

Little House Lapbook?

We just finished reading Little House on the Prairie this afternoon. Monkey really enjoyed it. I'm still picking out what's going to be our next read-aloud. I got a beautifully illustrated version of... well, I can't find it. I think it was A Christmas Carol, and I was thinking about looking it over for our next read-aloud, but I can't find it this afternoon, which is a bummer. But I've also got the Boxcar Children and Charlotte's Web that are possibilities. I'll have to keep looking for that Christmas story though. I was thinking (before I knew my book was lost) that it would be nice to do something short, and then start the Christmas book right after Thanksgiving next week. (Yikes! Next week already!) One thing I was pondering was doing a Little House lapbook. That one looks like it would have been better to do it as we went along though. I'm still debating though. I need to look more closely at those activities. I'll bet that Monkey's just a little young still.


About Me said...

I still have my set of Little House on the Prairie books from when I was a little girl....now my youngest daughter is reading them! And we loved the lapbook too! What fun!! I'm new to your blog so I don't know how old your daughter is, but we thoroughly enjoyed it!!


Ritsumei said...

Welcome to my blog! I do hope you like it here. Monkey is 3, and he's been enjoying it very much. A number of my books are in boxes, but I'm seriously considering Farmer Boy as a read-aloud here in the near future. I've about decided that the lapbook is still over his head, however fun it looks to me. We'll have to stick with file folder games for a while longer, I think.


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