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04 January 2010

Classical Homeschool Carnival Guidelines

Classical Homeschooling Carnival

Welcome to the Classical Homeschooling Carnival! The idea behind this carnival is to bring together resources and encouragement for those who are working to bring their children the benefits of a Classical Education. Families following a Classical philosophy are often familiar with authors Susan Wise Bauer, Charlotte Mason, and the Bluedorns.

Submission Guidelines

Posts suitable for submission might be on topics such as the Grammar, Logic, or Rhetoric stage, books and resources used in your family's classical education, curriculum reviews, a day in your classical homeschool, Latin, Greek, History, Science, Reading, Grammar, and so on, including "day-in-the-life" or "week-in-the-life" sorts of posts. All posts will be considered based on their relevance to the Classical Homeschool. Please play nicely: no profanity, nudity, and so on. Please email with any questions. Unrelated and advertising submissions will be deleted as spam. This carnival receives a LOT of spam (the current edition had 2 "real" submissions out of 14), and while I try to be careful not to exclude actual homeschooling posts, I'm sure that mistakes will happen from time to time, so please email me if your submission isn't showing up. I reserve the right to exclude any post at my sole discretion.

Hosting Guidelines

Bloggers who wish to host the Classical Homeschooling Carnival should email me with the following information:

-your name/screen name
-your Classical Homeschooling blog address

I will then email you and we can work out the details of which edition you would like to host.

Bloggers wishing to host this carnival are encouraged to demonstrate your willingness to take a leading role in the carnival by submitting articles and visiting and commenting on articles other participants submit.

Thank you for visiting!

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