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04 January 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... from My Daybook

Outside my window... it's cold and icy. We're just past the full moon, shrinking into a lovely gibbous. Why is it that it's always dark when I'm blogging?

I am thinking... about what did I do with my maternity pants anyway? Clearly I'm going to need to do SOMETHING sooner, rather than later. Isn't this a little early for that? I mean, the baby's only 1/2 inch tall!

I am thankful for... so many things. It's hard to pick just one. But right there at the top of my list is my Treasure: Andy, Monkey, and Sparrow. And also my new niece.

I am wearing... jeans, socks that have monkeys on unicycles on them, a white tshirt, and a ratty old gray sweater that probably ought to be replaced sometime.

I am remembering... how little Monkey was when he was a baby. Lots of babies around right now to make me think these things. What a bunch of cuties!

I am going... to find something more comfortable to wear until I can find my maternity pants, and until I decide that I'm far enough along to use them.

I am currently reading... ah, I'm actually between books right now. Though I am attempting to read the whole Old Testament this year. I've never yet managed that, and I think that I should. 77 chapters a month, to see it done by the end of the year. About 2 1/2 chapters a day. Not so bad, right? Can I just point out here how much I admire folks doing the Bible in 90 Days thing?

I am hoping... Monkey hurries up and gets better. He's been under the weather since before Christmas, poor little sausage!

On my mind... well, I guess I'll have to repeat myself here, cuz it's the little guy in sleeping on my couch that I'm thinking about. Hopefully a nice long nap will help a lot.

Noticing that... I've been sitting and blogging for a while: I'm getting cold. Plus, I need to find some water.

Pondering these words... The Importance of Rewards. "People do what they do because of what happens to them when they do it" (Dainels, 25). This illustrates one of the basic principles explaining human behavior. Furthermore, the more instantly gratifying a behavior is, the more likely it is that that behavior will reoccur. "Immediate consequences... far outweigh... delayed and uncertain consequences" (Daniels, 31). If our children misbehave, regardless of what they have been taught, one can only conclude that the consequences of misbehaving are more desirable than the rewards of good behavior. That is why it is so important that parents are pleasant to be around and that they create a pleasant, safe, Christlike environment at home so children will be gratified for being there - and will want to be there rather than somewhere else. --Christlike Parenting, pg 55

From the kitchen... not much today. Pancakes for breakfast, then leftovers for lunch, and probably more leftovers for dinner.

Around the house... between being tired from growing a baby, and Monkey feeling crummy... if you come over today, please don't look too closely. OK?

One of my favorite things~ taking pictures

From my picture journal...

A chickadee leaving my feeder with its seed, from the middle of last month. Man it's been crazy! I'd meant to post this ages ago!

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Kelli said...

Hello! Nice of you to stop by and take a peek at my Daybook. :) Gonna have a look around your place, but I promise to not look too closely. ;)
Congrats on the pregnancy! And I do hope your little one is feeling better soon.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hi - I enjoyed your daybook. What a beautiful photo of the chickadee :0)

I wish you well on your goal of reading through the OT in a year. Do you have a reading plan? If you're looking for something, my family just went through The One Year Bible. Each day's reading has OT, NT, a Psalm and Proverbs. In a year, you'll go through the whole Bible once, with the Psalms and Proverbs twice. But you could divide it up into smaller chunks - just read the OT this year and do the NT next year, for example.

I don't really know you yet and don't want to come across as "You should do this..." I'm just mentioning it because it was helpful for me to not need to figure out if we were staying on track to finish in a year :-)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And hope the tiredness passes soon.

Happy New Year,


Missus Wookie said...

Gorgeous bird feeder shot, we love feeding 'em here too.

Thanks for the pondering words bit - rewards and motivation are on my mind at the moment.

Congratulations on the new blessing, hope Monkey feels better soon too.

Keeley said...

Love your daybook entries! Totally inspired me to write one of my own. =)

How're you feeling, Ritsumei? Hopefully not sick?

I always got into my maternity clothes as soon as possible. I love maternity clothes. I always felt so pretty in them. =)

Ritsumei said...

I'm not too sick, just very tired this week. I did some reading on fetal development, and it turns out that the baby's having a growth spurt, so I guess that explains it! Hopefully things will settle back into a less-tired normal after this week, though I realize that I'm probably going to be tired for a while! Happily, I'm hardly sick at all, though I do inhabit a world of ODORS. Even good things (like hot chocolate!) don't smell good.

We're picking up some new medicine for Monkey this morning, so hopefully it'll be just what he needs to start getting better. If not, it'll be back to the doctor with us in a few days.

I have a cool bookmark that has all the chapters in the OT listed, and I went through and added them up, then divided by 12. You need to read about 77 chapters a month, which works out to around 2 1/2 a day. I just mark 'em off on my chart. Since I teach Sunday School (studying OT this year), and the lessons aren't going to match up perfectly with the reading as I'm doing it, I'm reading extra some days so I can study the lessons on other days. So far (3 days!) it's working out nicely. It's more reading than I'm used to, but that's good for me!

Missus Wookie, it's a great book. I really like the whole thing. Monkey's growing a mind of his own right now, and we're needing to develop some new parenting skills, so I'm reading the book again, with an eye to our current challenges.

Keeley, I need to find my clothes that I still have, and my sister just had her baby last week, and will shortly be sending back the stuff that I loaned her. Until then, wearing maternity stuff isn't really an option. Plus, the pants are sort of lost right now.


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