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02 April 2012

Book Review: Be the People

So, I heard about BookSneeze a while back - quite a while, actually, and I thought, "Free books for reviews?! I can do that!" So I sent away for my first book. I chose this one:

Be the People is broken into two parts:  Part one lays out some of the threats to freedom, as well as some of the quiet losses of freedom we face in America today. Part two is a call to action in several different areas.

I'd have to say that my feelings about the book are decidedly mixed. For much of the book, I was right there, agreeing with the author, but her chapter on race really turned me off. So much so that I put the book down and didn't want to return and finish. Had I not given my word to read it completely before writing my review, I would not have finished it. However, the first two-thirds of the book have a lot to recommend them. I agree wholeheartedly with the author's call for America to return to her roots, and to invite our people to return to patriotic virtue and personal responsibility. I just think that when she started talking about race she started talking out of both sides of her mouth, which made that portion of the book a very difficult read. The book also has a number of appendices, which is always useful. She's included the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Having them right there, rather than hunting through my messy desk to find them was very convenient.

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