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18 April 2012

Planning History

I'm still working out what exactly I'm going to do with History. We've been taking our time, followed some interests, and lingered in both China and Egypt. It's been very pleasant, but now I'm at th point of needing to decide some things. I'd like to finish the Ancients by the end of September, which leaves me 23 weeks (or so), and 28 lessons, plus some things from Old Testament history that my husband and I have agreed are important and ought to be covered as well. Hence the large lapbook that we are working on as we cover Moses this week and probably next week too.

But, if we are to finish the year in an organized fashion, rather than haphazardly, I need to make some kind of plan.

Week 1: Moses Lapbook part 2 (40 Years' Wandering/Entering the Promised Land)
  • Old Testament Story Book
  • The Bible and Book of Mormon
  • lapbook resources both found and created
  • Book of Centuries entry
  • Museum visit with my sister & her husband (primarily Egyptian exhibits)
Week 2: Israelite History/The Phoenicians
  • SOTW ch 15 w/staind "glass" projects & possibly pita bread
  • OT Stories: Ruth, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, & the Temple
  • OT Stories: Elijah & Elisha
  • Book of Centuries entry
Week 3: The Return of Assyria
  • SOTW ch 16
  • Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
  • OT Stories: Jonah; The Divided Kingdom
  • Jonah  craft from my Pinterest collection
  • 2 Kings 17 (the Assyrian captivity & repopulation of Samiria)
  • Book of Centuries entry
Week 4: Babylon
  • 2 Kings 22-23. Josiah
  •  SOTW ch 17: Babylon Takes Over Again!
  • 2 Kings 24-25. Zedekiah
  • Book of Mormon Stories: Lehi Leaves Jerusalem; Crossing the Sea
  • OT Stories: Daniel
  • Book of Centuries entry
Week 5: Crete and Greece
  • SOTW ch 18: Life in Early Crete
  • Atlantis: the Lost City
  • The Hero and the Minotaur 
  • SOTW ch 19: The Early Greeks
  • D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
  • BoM Stories: Enos
  • Book of Centires entry
Week 6: Greece
  • SOTW ch 20: Greece Gets Civilized Again
  • The Librarian Who Measured the Earth
  • Black Ships before Troy?
  • D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
  • Book of Centuries entry
Week 7: Medes & Persians
  • SOTW 21: The Medes & the Persians
  • King Midas and the Golden Touch
  • The Persian Cinderella
  • Cookie map of Mesopotamia from Pinterest
  • OT Stories: Esther
  • Book of Centuries entry
Week 8: Greece
  • SOTW ch 22: Sparta & Athens
  • D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
  • SOTW ch 23: The Greek Gods
  • An Ancient Greeke Temple
  • The Gods & Goddesses of Olympus
Obviously, there is more to plan, but this is all I can get done right now.

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