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04 December 2012

Playing with Paper

We've been going through stacks of paper lately. After watching Vihart's hexaflexagon clip we've tried making those, so far without success, but we are planning to enlist the Daddy's help the next time we try. In the mean time, we made other cool things.
These are a pair of hexagons turned into pyramidal space craft.

This one is a hexagon starcraft.
A cool triangley thing.
A pile of cool wiggly things. Hero was extra happy with these.
And then there are literally stacks and stacks of drawings of arms, armaments, and spacecraft. These started showing up a week or two ago, and they are getting more and more sophisticated all the time. One of the more entertaining developments in this department is all the speeders, suits of armor, and star fighters that Hero has "his guys" building for me to use while I'm pregnant. The consistent stream of "pregnancy armor" lead me to give him the word "maternity," which he has been using regularly. I now own a whole fleet of invincible speeders, rubber suits with extra padding so I'll be comfy, and spacecraft designed with my heavily pregnant self in mind.

This one is one of my favorites of his drawings.

Hero also has a newly acquired book on paper airplanes which he is delighted with, so we'll be seeing several of those in the next while I'm thinking. They're challenging folds; this should be good for him in a number of different ways. Persistence, precision, fine motor, all sorts of things. And he thinks he's just making airplanes!

This is the first one we made; a front-heavy "dart" type, called the Dragon.

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