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17 April 2013

Early Spring

Last week we woke up to some truly beautiful weather. Ice storms are remarkable. And we were spared the power loss and tree damage. It's weather that I love to watch from my living room.

With any luck, it was Winter's last gasp. I'm really hoping that it's finally early Spring at our house. For real. No more snow. Though our forecast would suggest that's probably not the case quite yet.

Still. It's warm enough that we're venturing out.

It's not really that warm yet; "warm" days are still mid-40s. But it feels warm.

The sun and the wind and the birds... delightful.



It sometimes felt like The Winter That Refused To Die. But even here, we occasionally put away the snow shovels. Though if we do it too soon Old Man Winter laughs and gives us another 6 inches. Hopefully that's not what he's got in mind this week.

It's muddy and wet and cloudy and windy. But it's warm enough to be outside in light jackets, if only for short times. And it's so nice to be outside again.

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misskate said...

Those types of ice storms are lovely when you can watch them from inside, for sure :) Love all the pics!


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