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01 April 2013

Voluntary Reading

Hero has started to make the leap into voluntary reading! Early in the week I asked him to put a couple books away but he got distracted and sat down to read one. No complaints here! I've been hoping for this for quite some time!

Later in the week I conned him into trying a chapter book. It happened like this: we were chatting and I told him about the Magic School Bus, and how they shrink and grow and fly and so on. He seemed intrigued, so I also told him about the Magic Tree House books. Then I grabbed one to show him. When I flipped it open, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it was well within reach.

"You can totally read this!"
Skeptical Look
"No, really. Here. Try it."

He's a good sport, so he did. About three pages in (which is huge that he went that far), I shut the book.

"But you don't have to read this. Reading is hard and boring..."
His stuffed animal started "attacking" me about this point
"...and you don't like to do it, so we can just stop..."
He's protesting at this point, because he's hooked on the story. So we keep going. And in the end, he read 6 pages. Sure, I helped him with some of the multi-syllable words, but there wasn't that many. We're reading book 3 - Mummies in the Morning. He wants me to find the first two books in the series. I plan to work on that ASAP!


Anne Chovies said...

What a fun teacher he has.

Ritsumei said...

I sure try! He didn't have the endurance to keep going on the chapter book enough times to actually finish the thing. I didn't press the issue; I figure that having tried it he'll be better able to try it again in a few weeks when he's feeling ready.


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