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18 May 2013

Japanese Songs

We're learning some Japanese, with Mango Japanese through our public library as our main "text" (we use an app on my phone), but it's fun to have a variety of little ways to learn a bit more. This week, it occurred to me that I could probably find an alphabet song on You Tube for the 五十音  - the Fifty Sounds. And there is one. I also found a nice song for the numbers 1-10. I think the boys will like these. It's really been amazing to me how quickly they've been picking up the little bits that we do, and it's very motivating to keep my own study up. I have another app, Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese, that's been extremely useful to me in putting together the grammar that I almost learned when I was in college studying the language. I had no idea how to study then. Now, I struggle to find people to talk to. Then, when I had all sorts of resources, I had no idea of how to take advantage of them. Better late than never, right? And this way my kids get to come on the journey with me!

Oh, and one more thing that I discovered this week: the Scripture Stories on lds.org come in a variety of languages too. And you don't even have to navigate through all the foreign language lds.org site to get them, just pick the one you like from the list at the top of the page! I don't understand much yet, but I've already picked up a few new words, and it's another way to get the sound and rhythm of the language into our family's ears.

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