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10 May 2013

Nature in the Neighborhood #3

We've been road-schooling this week. In a hotel. With sick kids. Not seriously sick; just enough to be cranky. And when I did get us outside (our hotel has a courtyard), I neglected to take any pictures.

We did try to identify one of their trees; I think it's a crab apple. We used a new app I got a little bit ago, and it categorizes trees by shape:

I thought that was interesting. It's going to take some getting used to. But I think it will work. I also learned that identifying trees when they're not fully leafed out is not easy. 

Anyway, how was your week? The Linky tools aren't working tonight. It won't let me log in and make the blog hop code. Hopefully tomorrow morning. In the meantime, leave your link in the comments! 


misskate said...

Here's mine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting! And thanks for the heads up about the nesting heron. We've been glued to it all week!


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