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05 July 2013

Snapshot of Our Day

The Daddy and I stayed up a bit last night, watching Thor and chatting. It was a much-needed after-hours date, though it did make waking up this morning a little harder. No sooner had we got up then my phone reminded me that we had to take the Dragon up for a shot. He didn't like that much (neither do I; it always feels like a betrayal), but when it was done we all went for ice cream. Dragon got bubble gum ice cream. I remember liking that, once. It was like two treats in one: ice cream AND gum. Dragon liked the screaming pink color.

We did some history when we got home. We read the next section of Story of the World and then Hero narrated. He decided to talk about feudalism, and it looks like he has a pretty good grasp. Then we read some picture books to expand on the content a bit. 

Hero did some of the writing. We'll be doing more of that. I realized I needed to have him do more writing in English when he decided to join me in practicing written Japanese last week, and turned out an impressive mass of work in a short time. So he'll be doing more of his own writing. 

Tigress spent some time playing with the cute skirt her Nana and I made, and then she fell asleep only a few bites into her avocado. 

While she was sleeping, I did some math with the boys. Hero had another rod picture to make up problems from, and Dragon spent some time coloring on the marker board first, then after a while he decided to switch and play with the rods. 

With shots, Dragon will definitely be having a nap, and then the plan is to spend a good chunk of the evening outside. 


Keeley said...

My gosh! Excellent handwriting there! Very impressive. Makes me think I kind of need to work on the writing thing with Andrew. He doesn't write much (at all...).

Ritsumei said...

Well, only the first line is his. I finished it off. So a lot of that is me, in my careful must-remember-to-print-not-cursive writing. And his endurance is pretty stinky, in English. Though I wonder how much of that is the writing utensil. He can go for a *really* long time using a Japanese brush pen. And it's hard to tell how much of that is because the brush pen is cool, and how much is that the light touch required for those things is not as fatiguing as using a regular pencil. The coolness definitely helps though. Those pens are fun.


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