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08 August 2013

Starting to Read!

Dragon has been soooo close to making those first blends for quite some time now. So close to breaking the code and grasping the concept that takes a pile of letters and magically transforms them into a word.

He did it. Yesterday. 

We've spent some time trying to sound out the CVC words. Cat. Hat. Gun. (He likes that one lots. This kid not only turns pop tarts into guns. Also jelly sandwiches, graham crackers, you name it. If it can become a weapon it will. And, in spite of our best efforts, it generally "shoots" at whoever is closest. Good thing we homeschool.) 

Let's read the word. What does g say? /g/


Can you tell me the word? 

It wasn't really clicking. Too passive. I'm doing too much; he needs to do it. This boy is active. Yesterday we tried something different. We went over only a few words, then I laid them on the table. 

Find my word. I want "mom." 


Can you find mom?

How cool is that?!


Anne Chovies said...

I thought for a minute you were going to say he pointed at you when you said to point at "Mom". That wouldn't necessarily be out of character for him.

misskate said...

Awesome and hooray!


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