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06 November 2014

5 Types of Music

Hero(8) is working on his music beltloop for Cub Scouts. I'm loving today's project: listen to 5 different types of music. It's made a fantastic soundtrack of our day, so far. Here's what we've been listening to:

First, we listened to a couple hours of this playlist of traditional music from India. It was perfect: we've been looking at pictures that a friend of mine that just moved to India has been posting over the past few days, and then we were listening this morning while I was doing my yoga. I see more of this type of music in our future.

At lunch time, I asked Hero what he wanted to listen to next. We'd talked about possibly listening to some violin music, but he surprised me, and asked for Latin, so I found him some hymns. Once again, it's very pleasant to have this running in our background, though Dragon(4) did complain a bit about these.

Next, he asked for Harry Potter. Sound tracks are a type of music, and he's halfway through book 4, and very interested in all thing Potter right now, so on to Hogwarts!

We lingered over the various playlists enough that the listening went into a second day. Which is OK. For our fourth selection, I just picked. And I had a hankering for gamelon music. It wasn't as big of a hit as the others, but we still listened to probably at least an hour. Looked at the map to see where Java is. Watched the guys play on the videos a bit. It was nice. I like this beltloop assignment.

For the final selection, he asked for Lindsey Sterling. So that's what we did. Not to shabby on the variety, I'm thinking. We're going to have to listen to more music again another time, even if the assignment is over; this was pleasant.

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