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25 November 2014

Primary Sources

Hero is getting a bit older, and I've started feeling like it's time for him to start to have more exposure to primary sources. There is so much value in working with primary sources, and forming  your opinions based on what the participants, themselves, have to say about it. We're working our way through the events that lead to the American Revolution, and there's so much material that we could look at. This afternoon, Story of the World took us on a whirlwind tour of the various Acts that lead up to the rebellion, and ended with a couple lines from Patrick Henry's famous, "Give me liberty or give me death" speech. I thought that seemed like a likely candidate for a closer look, so we went and found a recording. I suppose that it's still not, strictly speaking, a primary source, since it's an excerpt from a play, but it's pretty good, and I thought that this would be easier to start him off on that a big block of text.

If I'm feeling ambitious, maybe we'll do it again, more slowly, with the block of text tomorrow, and see how much we can get through.

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