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09 February 2015

Planing Early Modern History

A couple months ago, I sat down and correlated our history study for next year with church and family history. I have since realized that I need to do the same thing with the second half of the Story of the World 3. Church History in the Fullness of Times is abbreviated CHFT. So, here it is:

Chapter 22: The American Revolution

We'll be spending some time on this section of history. I am so excited about this!

Read Alouds: Johnny Tremain: A Story of Boston in Revolt by Forbes
Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold by Fritz
Additional reading: Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? by Fritz
Our Declaration of Independence  by Schleifer
Fight for Freedom by Bobrick
Herstory, the chapter on Deborah Sampson, by Ashby
Paul Revere: In their Own Words by Sullivan
Sam, the Minuteman by Benchley
Guns for General Washington by Reit
George Washington: The Crossing by Levin
God's Hand in our Nation's History by Benson

Family History: Edward Ruttledge, signer.

Chapter 23: The New Country

Additional reading:
Who Was George Washington? by Fritz
Shh! We're Writing the Constitution by Fritz
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on George Washington, by Winder
The Great Prologue by Peterson
FHE Lessons for the Bicentennial of the Constitution
A More Perfect Union (Movie)

Chapter 24: Sailing South
Read Aloud: Maoriland Fairy Tales by Librivox

Chapter 25: Revolution Gone Sour

Presidents and Prophets: chapter on John Adams

Chapter 26: Catherine the Great

Additional reading: Russian Folktales
Herstory, chapter on Catherine the Great

Chapter 27: A Changing World

Presidents and Prophets: chapter on Thomas Jefferson

 Chapter 28: skip

Chapter 29:  The Rise of Bonaparte

Additional reading: Lyrical Ballads, Wadsworth

YouTube Documentary on Beethoven and listen to a selection of his music

Chapter 30: Freedom in the Caribbean

Chapter 31: Different Kind of Revolution

Hillsdale Economics 101, lecture #2
Learn Liberty: Why Does 1% of History Have 99% of Wealth?

Chapter 32: The Opened West

Additional reading: Lewis and Clark in Their Own Words (library book)
Who Was Johnny Appleseed (library book)

YouTube Documentary: Louis and Clark

Chapter 33: The End of Napoleon 

Additional reading: A Timeline of the War of 1812 (library book)
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on James Madison

Chapter 34: skip
Chapter 35: skip

Chapter 36: The Slave Trade Ends

Additional Reading: Herstory, the chapter on Sarah and Angelina Grimke.
Amos Fortune: Free Man, by Yates
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on James Monroe
Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

Chapter 37: Troubled Africa

Additional Reading: African Fairy Tales
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on John Quincy Adams

Chapter 38: American Tragedies

Additional reading: Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Jeffers
Soft Rain: The Cherokee Trail of Tears by Cornelissen
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on Andrew Jackson

Church History: The First Vision from JS-H
CHFT 37, 1st paragraph; Joseph's Preparation & Interem Events, pg 41-42

Chapter 39: skip

Chapter 40: Mexico and Her Neighbor

Additional Reading: Davy Crockett: In Their Own Words by Sullivan
Susanna of the Alamo by Jakes
Presidents and Prophets, chapter on Martin Van Buren
Church History: Lost Pages, CHFT 45-49

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