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04 April 2014

Planning Modern History Study

You can't buy books if you don't have some idea of what you're planning to study. So I'm trying to figure out what we're going to study in the final year of our first trip through our history rotation. It'll be quite some time before we get to actually learning this stuff, but it will also take some time to figure it out and then we have to buy the books. So now is a good time to start figuring out what we're going to learn. We'll be using Story of the World 4 as our spine. Books I do not have are in italics. Church History in the Fullness of Times is abbreviated CHFT.

Unit 1: Britain's Empire (Sepoy Mutiny 1857)

Read-alouds: The Secret Garden
Biography: At Her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Victorian England
Church History: Danish translation of the Book of Mormon (1851). Note family history connections.
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)
Do the first few chapters of A Short History of Wisconsin

Franklin Pierce - Inaugural Address, 1853 (Inaugural Addresses online here)

[Hmmm. Looks like I'll also need to match up some of SOTW 3 with church history.]

Unit 2: West Against East (Crimean War 1853-1856)

History Reading: Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun
Biography: Florence Nightingale(On My Own Biographies)
Church History: Handcart companies rescued (1856) and Johnston's Army (1857-1858)
Family History: Watch Mountain of the Lord. This includes the account of Johnston's Army, the burying of the Salt Lake Temple foundation, and the problems this caused, as well as Archibald Gardner's council to dig it out and start again.

Unit 3: British Invasion

Literature: A Little Princess; The Jungle Book
Biography: David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer

Unit 4: Resurrection and Rebellion (Taiping Rebellion 1850-1864)

Church History: Tabernacle completed (1867) Read an address from conference on Oct 6 1867

Additional topic: Fugitive Slave Law/The Underground Railroad. What was the Underground Railroad. The Last Safe House by Greenwood
Dread Scott Decision (We the People: Civil War Era)
Literature: My Indian Boyhood by Little Standing Bear
Short History of Wisconsin ch 5-6

James Buchanan Inaugural Address, 1857

Unit 5: American Civil War (1861-1865)

Church History: CHFT chapter 30 deals with the Civil War. Joseph's prophecies to Douglas
Lincoln-Douglas Debates (We The People: Civil War Era)
Biographies: Ulysses S. Grant by David C. King, and in the series, also Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

Additional Reading: (Little Women). Behind Rebel Lines, Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglas: The Story Behind an American Friendship. More from A Short History of Wisconsin.
Family History: check for participants
Church History: Abraham Lincoln and the Church from this BYU essay.
Short History of Wisconsin ch 7-8

Abraham Lincoln: 2 Inaugural Addresses & the Gettysburg Address

Additional topics: Read Riders of the Pony Express by Moody, Old Yeller by Fred Gipson, Germ Hunter: A Story About Louis Pasteur

Unit 6: Two Tries for Freedom

Additional Literature: Mountain Wolf Woman: A Ho-Chunk Girlhood

Unit 7: Two Republics, Three Empires, One Kingdom

Movie: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Ulysses S. Grant: 2 Inaugural Addresses (1869, 1873)

Unit 8: Becoming Modern

Biographies: DK Biography: Thomas Edison
Literature: Ten Mile Day And the Building of the Transcontinental Railroad
Church History: CHFT chapter 31 deals with the coming of the transcontinental railroad; All That Was Promised by Yorgason; Section of CHFT starting page 415 on the Saint George Temple
Family History: The diary of Robert Gardner includes a section on his family's sacrifices to provide wood for the St. George Temple. 

Rutherford B. Hayes Inaugural Address (1877)

Units 9 & 10: Two More Empires, Two More Rebellions;
A Canal to the East, and a Very Dry Desert (Suez Canal 1869)

Additional Reading: Krakatoa by Nardo
Family History: The Life of Archibald Gardner

Units 11 & 12: The Far Parts of the World;
Unhappy Union

Additional Reading: Feed the Children First by Lyons

Additional Topic: Booker T Washington: Great American Educator
Church History: Signers appear to Wilford Woodruff; Death of Brigham Young. CHFT 416-421.

James A. Garfield Inaugural Address (1881)

Unit 13: skip

Unit 14: Two Czars & Two Emperors

Additional Reading: Before the Communist Revolution by Kallen
Discuss commentary on communism by prophets and apostles in A Glorious Standard
Church History: A Decade of Persecution (1877-87), CHFT 422
The House of the Lord: Cache Valley and the Logan Temple(DVD) (1884)

Grover Cleveland 1st Inaugural Address (1885)

Additional Topic: Statue of Liberty (1885) Lady Liberty: A Biography

Unit 15: Small Countries with Large Invaders

Teachings of the Presidents: John Taylor (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)

Benjamin Harrison Inaugural Address (1889)

Additional Reading: Ellis Island: An Interactive History Adventure
Additional Topic: Segregation/Plessy v. Fergussin (1896) Plessy V. Ferguson: Separate But Equal? (Landmark Supreme Court Cases)
Church History: The Case of Brigham H. Roberts of Utah & The Reed Smoot Hearings CHFT465-470

Grover Cleveland 2nd Inaugural Address (1893)

Unit 16: Expanding United States

Additional Reading: Caddie Woodlawn by Brink; Little House in the Big Woods by Wilder. People of the Big Voice: Photographs of Ho-Chunk Families, Native People of Wisconsin, They Came to Wisconsin. More from A Short History of Wisconsin.
Church History: Salt Lake Temple - Mountain of the Lord(DVD) Note family history connections.

Units 17 & 18: China's Troubles
Europe and the Countries Just East

Church History: The Manifesto, CHFT 439
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)

William McKinley 2 Inaugural Addresses (1897, 1901)
Additional Topic: Klondike Gold Rush (1897). Call of the Wild by London
Church History: President Woodruff dies; Lorenzo Snow becomes Prophet: CHFT 452
Solving the Church's Financial Problems: CHFT 454-456
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)

Unit 19: China, Vietnam - and France

Theodore Roosevelt's Inaugural Address (1905)
Legend of the Teddy Bear by Murphy
Additional Reading: Water Buffalo Days by Nhuong

William H. Taft's Inaugural Address (1909)
Church History: 1909 Statement by the First Presidency on the Origins of Man & Evolution CHFT 488-489
Additional Topic: The Wright Brothers: A Graphic Novel
Biography:  DK Biography: Marie Curie

Additional Literature: Cheaper By the Dozen

Woodrow Wilson's 1st Inaugural Address (1913)
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph F Smith (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)

Unit 20: Revolution in the Americas... War in the World

Additional Reading: Where Poppies Grow by Grandield
Stubby the War Dog by Bausum
In Flanders Fields by Granfield
DK Eyewittness: World War I

Woodrow Wilson's 2nd Inaugural Address (1917)

Unit 21: A Revolution Begins, and the Great War Ends

Additional Reading: Cher Ami: WWI Homing Pigeon by Dunn

Additional Literature: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Cricket in Times Square
Biography: Albert Einstein by Wishinsky,

Unit 22: National Uprisings

Additional Reading: Gandhi by Demi, The Kingfisher Treasury of Irish Stories, by James Riordan

Warren G Harding's Inaugural Address (1921)

Unit 23: "Peace" and a Man of War

Additional Reading: The Russian People in 1914

 Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Address (1925)

Unit 24: The King and Il Duce

Additional Reading: Fascism by Downing
Herbert Hoover's Inaugural Address (1929)

Unit 25: Armies in China

Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1st & 2nd Innaugural Addresses (1933, 1937)

Unit 26: The Great Crash and What Came of It

Additional Reading: American Voices from the Great Depression by Ruggiero
Church History: The Church in the Great Depression CHFT 509-516. The First Presidency and the New Deal: Letter to the Treasury in 1941 Speech: The Law of Consecration by Victor L. Brown
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)
Franklin D. Roosevelt's 3rd Inaugural Address (1941)

Unit 27: Civil War & Invasion

Additional Reading: Armistice: 1918
Franklin D. Roosevelt's 4th Inaugural Address (1945)

Unit 28: The Second World War

Additional Literature: Number the Stars by Lois Lowery, World War II by Willmott
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)

Unit 29: The End of World War II

Additional Reading: 1000 Paper Cranes, The Berlin Wall by Grant
Dwight D. Eisenhauer's Inaugural Addresses (1953, 1957)

Unit 30-34: skip

Unit 35: The Cold War

Additional Reading: The Space Race by Collins
John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address (1961)
Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay (bio. sketch, choose any chapter)
Speech: Socialism and the United Order by Marion G. Romney

Unit 36: Struggles and Assassinations

Additional Reading: SB Fuller: Pioneer in Black Economic Development; SB Fuller's speech: "It's Not Racial Barriers That Keep Blacks From Prospering." Linda Brown, You Are Not Alone

Lyndon B Johnson's Inaugural Address (1965)

OK. That looks like plenty. More than enough. It's so hard to guess where we need to be in a year and a half or more. Maybe I should enroll myself in "Overachievers' Anonymous." But hey, no matter what I plan, we'll likely do less, so it makes more sense to me to make ambitious plans and have good achievement, than it does to make moderate plans and do only an adequate amount. In any case, we'll adjust as we go along when we get there. And planning now lets me buy the books a bit at a time. My budget likes that.

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