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22 July 2015

Folk Song: Barbara Allen

In the past, we have done some work with learning folk songs. It's one of those cool things that a lot of Charlotte Mason's followers do, and I really enjoy when I remember to get it done. So we're doing some more. I went to Ambleside Online and looked at their suggested folk songs. Top of the list was Babara Allen. We printed out the lyrics, and we listened to a nice performance:

I even checked the chords, to see if we can play it on our instruments. I'm going to try to do my banjo, and if Hero is interested, I'll write out a violin part for him, too. We'll see how far that goes; I don't require that he play with me, and he's already working on a difficult song right now. But he likes to play with me, so it may happen, anyway. I hope so, because that's fun.

We actually keep our folk songs pretty simple. I sing them a lot, and the kids pick up the words kind of by osmosis. We mess around with our instruments a little, and that's about it. Simple. Easy. Snuck in like vegetables in spaghetti sauce: they often don't even realize that it's part of their education. 

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