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20 April 2010

Partners in Five

The Math Expressions book that I got to do with Monkey is mostly on hold right now, because it requires more writing than he is ready for. But one of the concepts that it works with is "partners" in numbers - that is, the partners of 5 are the pairs of numbers you could add to get 5. We played with this concept this afternoon for a few minutes, using Monkey's cars as manipulatives. I'd give him a few cars, then ask how many he had. Then I'd ask how many he needed to make 4, because that is his favorite number. Then he'd choose the right number of cars & we'd count again to see if he was right. He did really well with 4. Five was more difficult, but he did get some, and I think that he was understanding the concept of partners this time, which he didn't seem to be the last time we played this sort of game. We only did it for a few minutes, which is fine, and I was pleased with how it turned out.

Incidentally, this is my photo of the day for Project 365 too.

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