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13 April 2010

Pondering Boy Names

This little boy is already giving my insides a good kicking, and we're still clueless about what we're going to name him. So I'm making a list. Andy will likely veto at least 90% of what's on here; that's what seems to happen with lists like this that either one of us makes. But that always leaves us with a few names to consider.

Abram "exalted father"
Alec "defending men"
Anders "man; warrior"
Cohen/Kohen "priest"
Everett "strong as a wild boar"
Ezra "aid"
Garrett/Jarett "strength of the spear"
Gideon "hewer; mighty warrior"
Isaiah "God is salvation"
Jesse "gift"
Josiah "the Lord saves"
Zacharias "the Lord remembers"


Anonymous said...

I think selecting a name is the most difficult part of the baby-having process! Because you're trying to get 2 people to agree on something that you are going to call a person for life. LOL

Ooh, I like Kohen! It's so different!

JennyFife said...

Great list! I like Everett. Who wouldn't want to be strong as a wild boar?! Sorry I didn't return your phone call--still sick around here and now throw-ups too. Hopefully next week!

Ritsumei said...

I agree- figuring out the name is very difficult! We're in the pretty early stages right now too, not even any settled "options" like we had last time. And almost nothing from the list we made when working on Monkey's name seems to work this time, so it's nearly a fresh start. We thought we had this in the bag... we thought he was a girl, so we've been calling him by a girl's name. Not doing THAT anymore!

misskate said...

I'm partial to Zacharias.. that has a nice ring to it :)
Or Anders, that one's cool too.

Ritsumei said...

Anders "son of Andrew" Hmmmm...

Ritsumei said...

Oh - look, another definition. I didn't even realize that it was on my list when I decided to look it up. Been a long day.


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