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28 April 2010

Weekly Wrap-up: Foot Edition

It's been a tough week, because I had a bad reaction to some medicine on my foot... and I couldn't walk at all at first, then not much for several days after that. Makes life interesting. But, in spite of that, we got plenty of reading & snuggling done, and started Black Beauty for our new read-aloud. I had Monkey count some eggs he cracked for me early in the week; that kid loves to crack the eggs! I'm forever entertained at how much "trouble" I get into for doing my own eggs. We actually managed a couple of cooking projects. I'd meant to blog the recipe for my english muffins, but that never happened. Friday afternoon is supposed to include some chocolate chip cookies, and I'm sure he'll want to help with those too. We sang along with our "preschool songs" CD on some counting songs to practice counting to 20. Not much happened with Monkey reading himself, though he did read/recite the first several pages of Green Eggs and Ham to me. That book cracks me up.


Jamie said...

Yum - chocolate chip cookies! Hope your foot is better, too!

wdworkman said...

Hope you're all better soon!
Janet W

Cheryl said...

Oh dear, I hope your foot is better! That sounds like no fun at all.

Anonymous said...

I'd love your recipe for the English muffins! Hope your foot is better soon. It stinks to try to keep everyting together when we're not feeling well.

Ritsumei said...

Yes, the cookies WERE delicious. They are no more now, mwahahahah!!!

Thanks for the well-wishes for the foot. It's actually doing MUCH better now. I got my regular tennis shoe on this afternoon, without toooo much trouble or discomfort, which after nearly a week of flip-flops only, is pretty exciting.

I'll see about the english muffin recipe one of these times. I always like to put up a picture with that sort of thing, and the few remaining muffins are not really photo-worthy anymore, though they were pretty tasty and may make some great mini-pizzas tomorrow. The great thing is, they're super easy, so I'll have to do them again soon.


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