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21 January 2014

Good Trade

The local elementary school isn't far away, about one and a half blocks. Sounds pretty reasonable. Yeah. Until I checked the weather as I saw some poor kid walk past our house after school today.

-9F, with windchill. And you definitely notice the windchill getting too and from school. I remember. "Chill" doesn't even begin to cover it.

So we traded subzero walks to school for a really great conversation about the Great Law.

See, Hero was telling me how, even on "Agents of Smash," Red Hulk still says mean things, even though he's a good guy on that one. So the three of us, Hero, Dragon, and I, talked about saying mean things, and if they can be "good guys" and still say mean things all the time like Red Hulk. And in the course of the conversation I asked them what they thought the most important commandment might be. Hero had a good guess, but I ended up telling them: "Love the Lord thy God will all your heart." Then told them that Jesus had told us the second most important commandment as well, to love our neighbors. Dragon was with me that far, but at about that point is when we started getting too deep for him. But Hero was still doing great, so I kept going and told them about how "on this hang all the law and the prophets." And we talked about how all the other commandments go back to keep one or the other (or maybe both) of these two great commandments. Hero got it. Dragon got part of it. But we would never have had that conversation over lunch if I sent my boys to the school down the road.

So. The Gospel, rather than freezing cold walks.

It's a good trade.

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