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17 January 2014


Dragon: I want to be a Mommy
Mom: Only girls can be Mommys. You're going to have to be a Daddy. 
Dragon: Nooo!! I don't want to be Daddy. I want to be Mommy!
Mom: Why is that?
Dragon: Because, one, you have to follow my rules. And, seven, you have to do what I say. And nine, you have to listen to me...

I'm not really a tyrant, I swear. Except it  was naptime. And I'm pretty sure he thinks a nap is cruel and unusual punishment. 


Dragon: why is our baby sleeping?
Mom: Because she's tired. 
Dragon: Nooo!! I hate when she's sleeping! She shouldn't be tired! 

I love 3. Three year olds say the funniest stuff!

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