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06 February 2014

Hurray for Avocados!!

Mom: What's your favorite vegetable?

Hero: Potato soup.

Dragon: Avocado!!

So I look for avocado recipes. And I find this list of healthy things to do with avocados. And this is what I heard:

Hero: Avocado noodles? Gross. Avocado smoothie? Ew. What's that? Avocado soup?? Avocado popsicles??? Ew ew ew!!

He was particularly offended by avocados in popsicles. I must admit, I didn't keep any of the recipes. A couple came close, but in the end, I kept looking.

These 'Tater Skins, with avocado, though, those made the menu. The avocado cheesecake... not so much. Even if I *am* looking for a cheesecake recipe for my birthday. Think I'll keep looking. These Cheesesteak Quesadillas look pretty tasty. We'll try those. And these Paninis are making me droll a bit. This Potatoes with Avocado Sauce looks pretty good too. And avocado with bacon in grilled cheese. I could eat that.

How much avocado do you think I can put on the menu before there's mutiny at the table?

Too bad Hero left before he saw the avocado ice cream.

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James and Doralie said...

We are big avocado lovers at our house. We have never tried this recipe but your post made me think of it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/avocado-buttercream-frosting-recipe.html We also love avocado smoothies shakes...so good...the list goes on and on


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