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18 February 2014


I knew there had to be chapter books dealing with heroes! It's such an obvious place to do some merchandising. But I've been having a terrible time finding them. No more. We asked the children's librarian, and he's got three. And he sat right down to read them. He was excited. That is worth the effort I've been putting in, trying to find those silly things. 

Hero read, last night, while I wrestled with the little kids and the nebulizer. And while I was trying to herd Dragon into his bed, Hero was finishing one of his books. And he ran downstairs to grab the other. 

For the first time, he missed what I was saying because he was that engrossed in his book. You should have seen the dirty look I got when I asked him to find a stopping place. 

I see more of these DC Heroes books in our future. Hopefully Marvel has some as well. 

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