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03 December 2009

Classical Homeschool Carnival #4

Welcome to the December 3, 2009 edition of the Classical Homeschooling Carnival! Around here Thanksgiving is just behind us, and Christmas just ahead, and it's a good time for a bit of inspiration to get through the holidays.

Paige at Elemental Science presents History Project: Building a Castle, in which she shares how they added a hands-on element to their study of medieval castles.

Molly shares her hands-on, kinesthetic methods of teaching spelling with File Folder Spelling posted at Counter-cultural School.

Ritsumei shares a few thoughts on learning Latin and other languages in Learning Latin, Among Other Things at Baby Steps. She also is hosting a giveaway for SpellQuizzer software, with entries due by Dec. 11.

Kristiana shares the accomplishments they had in spite of sickness in Weekly Report 15 « La Scuola d'Argento posted at La Scuola d'Argento. In spite of not feeling well, it looks like their family had a great time with some cranberry activities in connection with their reading of Cranberry Thanksgiving.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
Classical Homeschooling Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


Rhonda said...

Looks like a great edition! I'll check out the ones I've not yet read. :)

Ritsumei said...


PhysicistDave said...


Glad to see the CCoH is continuing. We were on vacation for three weeks in Hawaii, and then I was hospitalized immediately on our return with a nasty bacterial infection, which is why I have not been able to submit anything (or indeed blog at all) for well over a month.

Anyway, now that I’m back to normal, I’ll try to start contributing again to the CCoH: I’m working on a post that I’ll be putting up soon that ties in to your own essays from a while back on political philosophy. Because of the (quite sensible) desire most of us homeschoolers have to avoid political flame wars on our blogs, I think we may neglect the need to systematically teach our kids about political philosophy, especially the philosophy of the Founders.

Speaking of politics, being a physicist, I could not resist commenting at some length on my blog about “Climategate.” I’ll also try to reply soon to some of the comments you and others left on my blog when I was out of commission.

Again, congratulations on continuing the CCoH – I’ve put the icon/link on my own blog and look forward to future editions.



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