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05 December 2009

Weekly Wrap-up

We didn't "wrap-up" last week because while we did a little in the beginning of the week, school wasn't really the focus. We still did some fun things that count as school. For instance, we played UNO with Grandpa on Thanksgiving day. At home, Mom counts this as Math. At Grandpa's, well, nobody was thinking of anything but having fun!

This week started out strong, but got a little bit exciting toward the end. But it's been a good week nonetheless.

Monday, we did pretty well. We put up our tree, we did some work on Monkey's letter books - T, M, and N. This time, I gave him pictures and he cut, identified the right book, and glued them in more or less by himself. I grabbed a Christmas gift I'm working on and did that while he worked. We also read a few more pages in Through the Looking Glass.

Tuesday, we went out and got some good nature study in, as well as a library trip.

Wednesday, I have no idea what we did. I just can't remember.

But I remember Thursday! Thursday was the day my friend came over for a bit while she labored with her first baby (the hospital was full, and she wasn't that close yet), and I ended up going to the hospital with her and her husband to help them out while she gave birth!

He had a bit of a rough start: the cord was wrapped around his neck, he was facing the side (not the bottom), and he was "waving" - that is, his hand was by his face. So he spent his first few minutes getting worked over on the warmer.

They got him pinked up, and Daddy got to finish cutting the cord. He's doing just fine now. When I spoke to Mommy this afternoon she said that little R. is finally getting the hang of nursing, and they expect to be home Sunday morning.

R. actually came very early on Friday morning, and I was out of sorts after doing counter-pressure for about 10 hours, into the wee hours, and then staying a little longer while they got R. sorted out because he had some lingering breathing irregularities, so Friday was also not a school day. But we got to go visit and hold the baby!


Giggly Girls said...

Congrats to your friend on their little blessing!

Leah C said...

So sweet babies! Sounds like a good week. :-)

Ritsumei said...

It was a good week. I'll pass the congrats along. =D

Joesette said...

Oh wow! What an awesome opportunity for you! Sounds like a super week to me!!

misskate said...

Yay Christmas decoration family time :) One of these days I'll put up pictures of ours too...

Sounds like a full week!

Ritsumei said...

Yep, it was a full week. And yes, that was a super opportunity! In a former life, I nursed dreams of being a midwife. I may still do it, after being the Mom isn't such an intense job. Going to this birth made me want to learn still more about birth. I've got a stack of birth books out from the library again, and I'm loving it.


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