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21 December 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... it's cold and dark, with a sharply pointed crescent moon. We have a dusting of new snow refreshing what we already had.

I am thinking... about Christmas presents I need to finish making.

I am thankful for... my cozy house, my Monkey, Sparrow, and Andy. Oh, and lots more things that could fill up a post all by themselves.

I am wearing... Jeans and an old tshirt.

I am remembering... how much fun it is to have a tiny baby!

I am going... to finish this, tuck my Boy into bed, and maybe work on those presents a few minutes before I sleep.

I am currently reading... uh, would you believe that I can't remember? Even though I coldn't put it down and actually just finished it this afternoon? Crazy. It was about Henry VIII's sister Mary.

I am hoping... they find Susan Powell.

On my mind... Christmas plans and Christmas presents, particularly the ones that aren't quite finished yet.

Noticing that... I need to drink more water. Dry skin is so unpleasant, and drinking water will fix it right up for me, if I can just get enough into me!

From the kitchen... funeral potatoes, homemade ketchup, strained some whey out of my first batch of yogurt, trying for a better texture. We'll test it out tomorrow.

Around the house... I need to pick up, put away, and vacuum. And wrap the presents that are stashed in various "secret" locations.

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Meg said...

I need to spend a few hours at "The North Pole" myself. :) Merry Christmas!

It'sSteph said...

Congrats on the tiny baby growing inside you! We are enjoying our sweet 4 month old little girl and wishing she wasn't growing so quickly. Enjoyed your daybook- have a wonderful Christmas!


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