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30 January 2015

A Documented Life Journal

I am so excited. I discovered this Documented Life Project, that blends a planner and a journal and art journaling. I am kicking myself for thinking that I was done with paper scrapbooking. I *love* my Scripture Journal, and I'm thinking this is going to be equally awesome. The kids are bigger now, and this stuff can be done in small bursts-- just what I need.

So I got a journal. Couldn't find any planners, but I figure I can make something up. This is what I'm starting with. 

It's yellow. Bet you noticed. It makes me smile, even before I've messed with it. 

I didn't get tons done. But I did make some decisions, and made a few tags to get my months labeled. I've started building the structure of my book. Compared to the ones in the various movies I've been watching, mine is going to be comparatively simple. It's going to have to be, or it won't get done. I'm good with that. 

It's starting to take shape. I really like the washi tape on the sides of the pages. I'd like to find bright colors for each of the 12 months. 

I'm planning to backfill the dates for the past three weeks, at least a little. I'm also using it to practice writing Japanese dates. It's fun to set it up. 

The girls that started this Documented Life Project thing also have weekly challenges for the art journal part. I haven't done paper scrapbooking in years. In fact, I gave away all my tools a couple years ago. I didn't even have a good set of markers of my own, anymore, just the ones the kids use. But this journal project has me wishing for new paper crafting toys again. Anyway, I found enough colored pencils to do part of my idea of this week's challenge, and then used watercolors for the rest, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. The theme was "color wheel." 

Anyway, even with limited supplies, I'm having a blast. And my book is getting pretty. And, because it's a planner, this journal gets a different sort of thing recorded in it than my regular journals do.  And that's fun, too. 

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Anne Chovies said...

When I was on my mission I kept a pocket sized day book calendar that I often drew in. One zone leader commented once how the pictures told the story of how the day went - it was the journal part of the effort. I just thought it was fun to draw.


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