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17 January 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Playing in Snow

Monday, the Daddy came home and did a little late-night painting with Hero and the others. Hero has been asking, and waiting very patiently, but Daddy is working a lot. This week, he expects to put in 60-70 hours, and that's becoming the norm. We are praying for a new job opportunity, but in the mean time, we take our Daddy time when we can get it. Including staying up late.

In history, we're continuing to work our way through the American Revolution. We read about the Boston Tea Party in Johnny Tremain, and we worked on reading the Declaration of Independence itself, using this book. It's great because it's the original text of the Declaration, but broken into bite-size chunks, with a single phrase on each page, so it's easy to talk about what the big words mean. And there's plenty of those!

Wednesday, we finally had all the gear, the milder temperatures, and snow, with minimal sickness: all at the same time! We headed outside and the kids had a blast! There hasn't been nearly as much snow as usual this winter, so this was a treat. 

We also had some breakthroughs in Japanese. The kids are happy and learning, so I am happy, too. 

Even though it's January, and last week was absolutely miserable, this week was very mild, and we made it out to our park for a short nature study. We looked at cattails and animal tracks and stomped snow and had a lovely time. 

And that's the highlights of our week! You can peek at what other weird, unsocialized homeschoolers are doing, if you like. I hope your week was as lovely as mine!

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