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01 January 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Holiday break

I say weekly, but the fact is, I'm terribly inconsistent with these. But I like to do it, when I can create enough time. So here one is.

Christmas was fantastic. We had a very quiet New Year - most of the family didn't stay up, even though we're habitual night owls and it's not that late. My sister got married between the holidays, and she looks like she's deliriously happy, as she should be days after her wedding. Unfortunately, I couldn't go; the plans came on a bit suddenly, and it just wasn't in the budget for us. But I sent happy wishes!

We didn't do much school, it being the holidays, but after Christmas was over, I found myself missing the structure, so we did do a little bit. I am amazed at how quickly Dragon is learning to read! He's still in the early stages, and only reads limited vocabulary readers, but he's getting more comfortable with them all the time. It's so fun to watch! Hero's really coming into his own with reading. He's about to finish off the last of the Harry Potter books. He spent a lot of time curled up with those big books this past couple of weeks, and has been enjoying them immensely. I had him do a little bit of writing, just to keep his hand in as well. His writing has come so far in the past couple of months.

I actually got out and visited a couple of blogs, and that was really nice. I always find that so inspiring. People do some amazing things with their efforts to offer a good education to their kids. I came across a new blog, Golden Grasses. And she was talking about this cool concept: memorizing timelines. It doesn't sound cool to just say it, but when she was talking about it, and the benefits they see from it, it made me rethink my disinterest in memorizing the dates.

And that's pretty much it for school! We'll be starting up next week with some more. What are you up to? Leave me a comment - and a link to your blog. I'd love to come visit.


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