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09 January 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: The Very Cold One

New Year, new(renewed) habits. I realized that I've been missing the Weekly Wrap-ups, so here's another one. Two weeks in a row. Yay me.

So. Our week. Wow, it's COLD up here in the frozen north! This, being the First Week of January, has been very cold. A friend posted on Facebook today that it's -35F. Local schools were delayed, but not closed. I'm trying to create a little cocoon of warmness, so I'm not looking. (Unless my friends intrude on my little denial thing, and go and post the temperature!) We have not been out all week. I love homeschooling extra-lots because I don't have to go out. I hate being cold. I'm not checking the weather much; I don't want to know. Give me my warm socks and my hot chocolate. Books. Blankets. Warm stuff. I'm thinking happy thoughts about all the icky bugs out there in the snow and the wind. They're dying. One of my friends told me, "There's always New Mexico." I declined; they can keep their scorpions and other poison things. I'll put up with the cold for a week.

Figures, though, that my daughter would pick this week to decide that she has to be potty trained. We're talking tantrums when I put a diaper on her. And, like her brothers before her, she does best if she runs around mostly naked. Yeah, she's spent some time this week yelling at me for putting clothes and diapers on her. She's making progress, but it's not as fast as it would be in May or June, when I wasn't worried about her freezing her gizzard while she figures out the whole Potty Thing. I'm betting it won't take too long anyway. She's doing great.

Tuesday, I fed my sourdough start on the leftover flour from when I got really excited about flouring my counter top for some bread I made. On Wednesday, I was pondering what I wanted to do with it when the bag came open while I was absent-mindedly mushing the ziplock bag. I'd just fed it; it was full and happy. Oops. It got all over my hand-- and Tigress was standing right underneath, trying to get a better view of what I was doing. She got more than she bargained for! And I got so involved in cleaning her up that I never anything baked that day. 

I took her and gave her a shower, of course, but since she didn't seem too traumatized by the while thing, I couldn't resist a couple pictures. Gotta love camera phones. This will make a cute scrapbook page!

"Mom. It's on my hand." She was much happier in the shower. 

We did well on our book work this week. Hero is starting a new phase of learning. Over the holiday break he finished the last of the Harry Potter series, and is a good, strong reader. So I'm starting to give him materials to read on his own. We tried it out this week, and it seems to be going well. I'm pretty excited about this development. Here's a selection of what he and I worked on this week. 

It was a good week for violin practice, too. The boys have a recital coming up at the end of the month, which is pretty exciting. It's their first recital, and the first time I've been a parent at a recital, rather than a teacher. 

Even Dragon is going to play. I'm not sure he really understands what the whole thing is all about. He may turn shy on me, when the big moment comes. Though he did his part in the Primary Program a couple months ago, so he may be ready! He'll be ready with his music, in any case. 

They're both doing very well. Which is how our week went. 


Nichole said...

It's been cold at our house, too, but not THAT cold! Yikes!!

That tiny violin is way too adorable.

misskate said...

Poor Tigress! Though, she seems to have handled things well :)

Candice Wilkinson said...

I love the pics of your daughter with dough on her. (It was dough, right?) It looked like you had fun homeschooling this week!

Ritsumei said...

Yep! It was sourdough starter. She wasn't so excited about it, poor thing. She just wanted to see, not to wear the stuff!


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